Mule Majors

I recently collaborated with the two founders of the event Mule Majors to launch the 2019 website. The purpose of this website was to provide more information to the public on the details of the event, purchase tickets, communicate our message and mission, include participating vendors and breweries, as well as showcase photos of the event from previous years. This website was created on Squarespace, with the goal to make the event more appealing and informative to the public. The website and the event was an overall success, bringing in over a thousand clients. See examples of the website below or click here to visit the live website.

Training Brochure

During my time at DME Forensics I did much of my work in Photoshop and Adobe Indesign. I created this training brochure for an upcoming trade show that DME Forensics was participating in. The goal of this brochure was to increase awareness on our training opportunities, and for clients to learn more about how to use our technology to the best of their ability. This brochure was created on Adobe Indesign. Check out images of the brochure below, click here for a preview, or click the button below to download a pdf version of the brochure.


In nearly every job I have had in the past whether my position was marketing or advertising, I was always in charge of the company blog. I have learned how to cater my writing style to the target audience and the industry that I am in whether it be weddings and events, real estate or forensic technology. I have included examples of my writing style and the different blogs that I have done, as well as links to the blog pages below.

This next blog post is one that I did for Milk Glass Productions during wedding season. To appeal to our target audience, much of the writing and content that I did was less formal and focused on tips and tricks to not be stressed out the week of your wedding, giving the perfect bridesmaid gifts, how to find the perfect vendors for the best price, as well as highlighting our weddings and events that were featured in magazines. The blog post I am featuring here is one that I wrote about how to throw the perfect brunch the day of a wedding. As you can see, this writing style is much different from other more professional blogs that I have written, this is because being in the wedding industry you must cater to the style and content that the audience wants. Checkout the blog post below and a link to the live post.


While working at DME Forensics I created many infographics through the use of Adobe Indesign and Vengage. These infographics were used for the company website, blog posts and repurposed on other social media platforms. Infographics are a great tool to communicate the same message you might communicate in a blog post but in more concise and direct way. I find that they can be much more engaging with a reader, and not everyone wants to read through a blog post. The goal here was to simplify the message for our readers and consumers while still communicating valuable information about our services and products. I have included images of the infographics below as well as downloadable pdf versions.