Top 5 Take-aways From Funnel Hacking Live

Funnel Hacking Live is a four day annual conference put on by ClickFunnels, which is a new marketing software that focuses on acquiring more leads by funneling them through your sales message. Russel Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels and in its 4 years, the company has become a hundred million dollar business. ClickFunnels has taught me how to utilize funnels to boost a company’s online presence, drive traffic to a website, and convert leads into customers. This year Funnel Hacking Live hosted over 4,500 people at the conference and had over 20 speakers discussing the software and the tips and tricks of how to use the software to rake in leads and sales.

In this post I will be discussing the top 5 take-aways that I had from the conference and what I found to be useful.

The Importance of a Funnel

You might be asking yourself what is a funnel? A funnel is the process you take people through from your lead magnet to your squeeze page and then your sales page or offer. While the software focuses on the digital funnel process you take potential customers through, funnels can also be done verbally, or written out on a brochure or document. From the conference I learned the importance of a funnel to acquire leads and how to turn those leads into customers.

Funnels simplify the process and allow an easy way for customers and potential leads to get to your sales page. Today I find that many companies have a confusing web page layout and distract the viewer with too many options all at once. People need someone to walk them through the process with a simple layout and funnel that takes them right where you want them to go otherwise they are given too many options all at once and then leave your site and do not become customer or a lead.

Identify Your Target Audience

You need to identify your target audience. While this may be obvious to some, many people think their product can be used by anyone so their target audience is everyone…wrong! If you do not have a specific target audience and are simply targeting everyone, this is the wrong way to market and you will likely not have as much success doing this. Focus on a specific group of people who need your product or service.

Selling is Emotional NOT Logical

By allowing the viewer to emotionally experience your sales message about your product or service you will have a higher success rate. The better you understand behavioral psychology and understand why humans behave the way they do, you will become a better marketer and better salesman. Emotional responses forge a connection between the consumer and the product or service and they will feel more value out of the exchange. If you do not incite an emotional response to a consumer they will not remember you or your product and will not feel as much value from it. Let a customer emotionally experience the benefits that your product or service will bring to them, this creates desire and adds value!

Many consumers are likely already emotional about a similar product that you might be selling so tap into that emotion. For example, if you were selling repair tape, you could focus on the negative experience your target audience has had with Duck Tape. Your hook could be “Are You Sick and Tired of The Sticky Residue And Stains that Duck Tape leaves or How Impossible it is to get off, We Have a Solution For You,” what do people hate about a product similar to yours and how is your product better. How can you use that hate of the other product to your advantage to promote your product. People who have had those problems with Duck Tape will be so thrilled and grateful that there is finally a solution to their problems with that other product.

Beliefs and Personal Identity Through Your Product or Service

What are your customers beliefs and personal identity through your products or services? This first starts with their beliefs, what are the customers beliefs about your product or service and how will that thing help them or give them a new identity. If we were to use the Duck Tape example, the customers belief would be that your product will solve their problems with Duck Tape and that your repair tape will not leave sticky residue or stains and will not be impossible to get off. With this belief they will be happier customers because you are solving a problem that they had and they likely did not know there was another solution. You are solving their hate for another product by agreeing with them about their problems and showing them another way.

What has given them identity in the products that they buy? Give customers a new identity through your product every time they purchase, this will create longer lasting customers. For this I like to start with why do they care about your product? In the Duck Tape example they need a solution, but you also need to look at why they bought the Duck Tape or product from your competitor in the first place.

Let Story Telling Do The Selling

Marketing is not as much about selling as it is about story telling. Story Telling is a way to create trust and understanding with the customers.

Story Telling Framework: Assume familiarity, create a curiosity based pattern, hook your reader immediately, guide their epiphany by relating it to something they already know about (Duck Tape does not work as good as it should and has problems) Give your reader the win, and talk with them not to them (Are you tired of using ___ product? Are you sick of not getting paid enough at your job to make rent and know you are worth more?). Show them that they can have a new identity through your product.

By doing these things you will create the perfect story telling framework to make your customers feel a sense of understanding and trust between you and your product. You are showing them a different way by relating to a problem that they likely already have and you are finally providing them a new solution and identity through your product which will do the selling for you. The perfect marketer shows up providing inspiration, motivation and collaboration between customers, is making the right offers and showing the benefits of the product to where they cannot refuse to buying.

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  1. My favorite point you bring up is “Let Story Telling Do The Selling”, because it’s so true! These days trust and understanding is so important and if you can establish that then you are creating a connection with a client. I’m also part of the clickfunnels community, love this recap!

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