Copywriting Tips and Tricks to Being an Online Salesman

As a Communications major and being experienced in marketing, I have always had an interest in the way words influence people. The way in which you phrase something and market it to a consumer is what differentiates million dollar companies from average companies. The key to being a good copywriter is knowing why people behave the way they do. Through this you discover how to utilize language to speak to your target audience in a way that captivates them.

Speak Your Customers Language

To be a good copywriter you must speak your ideal customers language. This means use language that is appealing to them and that applies to them. Using everyday language is important because you want your customers to relate to what you are saying. I doubt you would buy something from a company that uses language that you do not know or understand, keep the language simple, basic and to the point. This means using basic vocabulary that the average person can understand.

A Good Headline

A compelling headline is one of the most important things to focus on. In todays world you have a mere amount of seconds to stop someone from scrolling and grab their attention, so you must be strategic in the way you make your headline. A good headline must apply to the user and why they need to have your product or service. Why they would be doing THEMSELVES a disservice if they did not buy it right away, this is your first opportunity to persuade them and in order to get them to stop what they are doing and click on the link it has to be very strategic. You might be wondering what are the methods to a strategic headline, or what does a good headline even look like? A strategic headline is one that addresses a question or problem that the consumer has already been asking themselves and solves it for them. So I will use the same Duck Tape example here that I used in my previous blog post “Top 5 Take-Aways of Funnel Hacking Live,” and this is an example that could be applied to any market and any service or product.

The idea behind this technique is to focus on the negative experiences and outcomes that your customers have already had with similar products (ie your competitors products) to yours. WHY is your product better than your competitors and how can you leverage their negative experience with those other products to your advantage. So if you were selling repair tape you could be the “anti” to duck tape. Find out the top complaints and problems that customers have with duck tape and plug that into your headline. “Aren’t You Sick of the Sticky Residue and Stains that Duck Tape Leaves on Your Things? We Have A Solution For You,” or “Don’t You Hate the Sticky Residue that Duck Tape Leaves Behind or How Impossible it is To Get Off?” “Are you Tired of Not Getting Paid Enough at Your Desk Job? Click Here to Find Out Why,” something along those lines, some of my examples are a little lengthy so I would recommend something shorter but you get the idea. This technique is SO easy and so compelling to a reader. In using this method you are speaking directly to the problems they have had with another product in your market and will be so happy to finally have found a solution to their problem. Not only does this message get them to trust you but it grabs their attention immediately. There are many other techniques that can be used for the language in a headline to grab a users attention, but I dive more into those in a different post.

Show Them The Value

What are your customers getting out of their transaction with you, what is the value of their purchase? Show them that their purchase is worth more value to them than the value of the money in their pocket. Just because you have a great product or service does not mean that someone will buy it because they think it is good. There are plenty of things we have all thought was a good product or service but have not purchased because that product or service did not have any VALUE to us. There are likely thousands of different products out there in your market, why might they value your product over others enough to buy. This is where you get to show them why they value your product or service enough to buy. How is your offer worth more than the money they are paying for it. What will this transaction do for them, how will it make their life easier and in what ways will it benefit them beyond the basic functionality of the product. These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself when deciding what offer to make.

Call To Action

No matter what it is you are selling you must always include a call to action to get people to do whatever it is you want them to do. A call to action goes at the end of your message. If you do not tell someone what to do they will likely not do it which is why this aspect is so crucial. A strong call to action creates a sense of urgency for the buyer. “Hurry and Buy _____ Before it is gone!” “This Item is Going Fast, Only 10 left, Buy Before They Are All Gone.” Maybe include a timer on the page that is counting down how long they have until your offer goes away. Creating a sense of urgency is highly beneficial because it doesn’t allow room for people to leave and maybe purchase it later. If they want it they have to get it now. This doesn’t give them time to contemplate all of the reasons they shouldn’t get your product or time to consider other options.

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