Top 5 Marketing Strategies

There are many different types of marketing strategies out there, picking the right marketing strategy means analyzing and identifying the needs of your business, the specifics of your product, and your target audience. In this blog I will focus on some of the top 5 strategies that I have found the most useful.

Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing is a feature of customer relationship management (CRM). The goal is to promote a strong positive, and even emotional relationship with the consumer and is important because it maintains a valuable relationship with the consumer and is centered on long-term customer engagement rather than short term goals such as individual sales. The main goal here is that by focusing on relationship marketing and maintaining a positive relationship with the consumer, they will continue to come back and do business with you because they had such a positive experience with the product and a positive relationship with the company and the brand. This can also bring in free word-of-mouth promotion and further information from customers that can then generate leads.

SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is crucial to marketing. Organic search makes up around one-third of traffic to company websites…this means SEO accounts for more traffic than paid and social put together. Because of this, understanding SEO basics is more important than ever when it comes to marketing. SEO is the best and most effective way to get consistent traffic to your website. The number one most important thing about SEO basics is links! A recent study came out that found that the number of links a site has correlates to their success as a top ranked site on google. Therefore, links are the highest contributing factor that correlates with first-page rankings. There is so much more that goes into Search engine optimization that I will have to dedicate an entire post to talk about the SEO basics, but knowing and understanding SEO basics is one of the most important marketing tactics.

Repurpose Your Content on Multiple Platforms

When you repurpose your content on multiple platforms, you are changing the format of the content and/or changing the target audience for the content. Why just post to Facebook when you could post to LinkedIn, the company website, twitter and other domains? Those who chose to stick to one platform when sharing content are missing out on an entire platform of a new and different target audience. Depending on your target audience can dictate which platform might be the best to reach that target audience, but in taking advantage of multiple platforms, your content is going to be seen by ten times the people it would be seen on one platform. This is a very important marketing strategy because it will help to expand online exposure.

Use Influencers

Influencers are a great way to market your company or your product, because of their reach but more importantly because of their list! The key here is to find the right influencer for your niche market so that you are reaching the right audience that are your dream clients. The goal is to enhance your consumer base by getting your message out to the right audience. Many people think that they need to use influencers with millions of followers for them to get their message out, but this is not necessarily the case. Micro influencers who have tens of thousands or a hundred thousand followers can still get a lot of reach and bring in a high return rate, and it will likely not be as expensive. Sometimes focusing on a smaller group of a hundred or ten thousand people versus millions is more beneficial. Do small tests first to see what works the best and then scale.

Lead Magnets

This is such an important part of marketing, when done the correct way and presented to the right audience, lead magnets can bring in explosive results and generate tons of leads. To do this correctly you not only need a lead magnet but also a killer squeeze page, and sales message or even a one time offer to turn that lead into a customer. I think it is crucial to use the squeeze page as an opt in page, keep it simple to easily direct the viewer to an email opt in so that they enter their email and now you have successfully generated a lead because you have their contact information. Without contact information you are letting a potential customer slip through your fingers with no way to further reach out to them. This is also important to creating an email list.

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