DME Forensics Internship Summary

Working at DME Forensics has taught me many important lessons and much insight for what to expect out of a job in the world of marketing and advertising. I was able to accomplish many things throughout my time at the company. This includes social media marketing, knowledge on how to utilize these social media platforms to gain more exposure for potential clients.

Along with this, I was able to learn how to use Adobe Office Suite, particularly Indesign to create graphics and brochures. This is useful because I believe this is a skill that is in high demand in the work-force and is a skill that employers want out of an employee. Because of this, I think that this skill will aid me in any future endeavors and careers. I learned the hard work it takes to accomplish all of these tasks while also having not initially had these skills or understood some of the resources that I ended up using for my work. I also gained knowledge in Canva and Vengage, which similar to Indesign, can be used for infographics, social media graphics, brochures and much more. In using a variety of resources to create these graphics, I was able to expand my thinking and understand multiple ways to accomplish one thing.

Other skills I was able to gain from this experience is time management by having multiple tasks and projects to accomplish by a given deadline. Time management is something that I have struggled with in the past, and I think that this internship helped me to overcome that. Along with this, I have learned how to be a good team player and how to effectively communicate with my coworkers. Overall this was a great experience, and I have grown as a person through this internship. Hopefully, these skills will aid me in my career.

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